Marinus Hospers

Arable Farm, Hospers Bio, Marknesse

Marinus Hospers has been the owner of Hospers Bio (formerly Van Vilsteren Arable farm) since the beginning of 2015. It is an impressive company where he grows vegetables in fields covering around 25 hectares. Marinus and his family took over this farm from founder and former organic grower andNautilus member Anton van Vilsteren. Marinus cultivates various varieties of cabbage, fennel, parsnips, beetroot and root parsley.


Marinus: “When I took over the farm from Van Vilsteren in 2015, I continued membership of Nautilus Organic. Among other things, it is important to me that the cooperative can sell my products together with products from other members to trading partners who are only interested in larger volumes. Together we are stronger. Nautilus Organic also offers me a really useful invoicing system which saves me a lot of work, all for relatively little layout.”