Members throughout the Netherlands

Our members are spread across the country, and together account for a significant percentage of organic production in the Netherlands.

They include:

  • Greenhouse vegetable farmers
  • Hard and soft fruit farmers
  • Arable farmers
  • Open-field vegetable farmers

Striving to produce high-quality products

Every single one of our members is striving to produce high-quality products with the maximum freshness, and achieve good sales. Their involvement in the cooperative plays an important role in achieving these objectives. On this website, some of our members speak about why they joined. Would you like to contact any of our members, or find out more about them? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We enjoy supporting farmers

Good mutual communication is essential in a cooperative, not just between members, but also with office staff. We enjoy supporting farmers, and always want to know more about what moves and motivates them, as well as any hindrances.


On one thing we can be clear; more members means more sales. New farmers are therefore very welcome to join our 100% organic farmers’ cooperative. However, even though we are aiming for growth, personal contact is also important to us.

The strength of the cooperative depends on its members

We are proud of our members, because many skills are required to produce high-quality organic and biodynamic food. This includes not only extensive soil, crop, sowing and harvesting expertise, but passion, patience and deep enthusiasm for the product.

Would you like to get to know us?

Please contact us by mail or phone. We are happy to make time for you so we can get to know your business, and you ours. You can reach us by calling +31 (0)321 328040 or by sending an email to

Below we introduce some of our members.