100% organic fruits and vegetables

Nautilus Organic is a leading organic arable, vegetable and horticultural cooperative, with members throughout the Netherlands. Our members have been growing 100% organic or biodynamic fruit and vegetables since the cooperative was founded in 1987. As a cooperative, we support the sustainable development of the agricultural sector. As a sales organisation, Nautilus Organic is an essential link for members to increase sales.

We are proud to be 100% organic

We are proud to be the only 100% organic farmers’ cooperative in the Netherlands. All our members are passionate and enthusiastic about producing healthy products in healthy surroundings. In addition, healthy soil is an essential principle for us. We are proud of our members, because many skills are required to produce high-quality organic and biodynamic food. This includes not only extensive soil, crop, sowing and harvesting expertise, but passion, patience and deep enthusiasm for the product.

Full range of vegetables and fruits

Together, our members supply a very comprehensive range of fruit and vegetables, from apples to tomatoes, and from peppers to cabbages, making us a very useful trading partner. We also have more than 250 active purchasers both inside and outside the Netherlands. 25% of our products are sold nationally in the Netherlands, while the remaining 75% are distributed to places such as Germany, Scandinavia, the UK, Belgium, France, Italy and the USA.

Sales by Nautilus Organic and delivery direct from the farm

The cooperative is responsible for sales. Invoicing is also sent centrally from Nautilus Organic. However, the products themselves are ordered directly from members, including packaging, size sorting, delivery date and transportation arrangements.