It’s once again time for the super healthy Kiwi berry

It’s once again time for our soft fruit grower Elze-Lia Visser from the Betuwe to harvest and sort the kiwi berries. Time for a vitamin bomb!

Kiwi berries are sometimes also referred to as mini kiwis and are about the size of a grape. A kiwi berry can be eaten with the skin on and looks like an ordinary kiwi on the inside. The kiwi berry taste is a little sweeter and richer than a large kiwi.

In addition to the kiwi berry’s delicious taste, it’s actually also super healthy! It’s particularly brimming with vitamin C, around fifty times as much as you’d find in an apple. Vitamin C is important for growth and healthy teeth, bones and blood vessels.

In short: the kiwi berry is a delicious vitamin bomb! Bon appetit!

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kiwibes-fruitweelde-2015 kiwibes-4-fruitweelde-2015