The employees of the cooperative

Yvonne Witpaard, Sybrand Ruiter, Marloes Koops, Coert Lamers, Marien Verhulst, Jessica Groot, deputy director Michael Mackaay, Dave de Bekker, Bettie van der Vegt, Femke Meijer, Johan Groen, Ammo Veeman

The staff in the office have a coordinating role. Sales, daily sales of fresh products, programme coordination and quality control are handled centrally by the office. It is also the place where market information and expertise are collected in order to respond to the market and exploit cross-selling opportunities for members.

We also use TOON. TOON is our support and the backbone of our administrative activities. It is our unique custom digital system which takes over administration from our members as much as possible. Not forgetting: we use data from TOON to draw up analyses, evaluate results and make plans for the New Year. The system is important, but the people behind it no less so. Employees work hard every day on issues such as debt management and supporting our members.

To claim European subsidies (CMO), specific expertise and CMO recognition is required; things we have been in possession of for many years. All members can participate in the various CMO activities. The activities are coordinated by the cooperative and, importantly, that includes good advice on obtaining subsidies.


Good mutual communication is essential in a cooperative, not just between members, but also with office staff. We enjoy supporting farmers, and always want to know more about what moves and motivates you, as well as any hindrances. We are also happy to contribute with your cultivation planning and strategic decisions.


Please contact us by mail or phone. We are happy to make time for you so we can get to know your business, and you ours. You can reach us by calling +31 (0)321 328040 or by sending an email to